Stock Market Research

Why is Stock Market Research Important?

Stock Research is important part of the Technical Analysis of the stock or Fundamental Analysis of the Stock depending on what type of market research you are involved in. The Stock Research has to be done to predict the future trends of the stock, to built market timing system or asses the real value condition of the company.

Market Stock Research General:

Before starting your market research company , determine whether the company is publicly held (traded on a stock exchange), privately owned, or a subsidiary of a publicly held organization. You will be much more successful in obtaining information on publicly held companies. Public companies must report certain financial information to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and their shareholders. Also, serious investors use the Internet to research potential stock purchases or monitor companies in their portfolios. As a result, the Internet provides much more information on public corporations than on private companies.

The first step in “research stock” is to identify the stock exchange ticker symbol for the company of interest. It can be found at

After finding a ticket symbol for the company you should know on what Exchange stock is trading, to what industrial group (ETF) it belongs is an important part of company research. The according Exchange Research and Index Research (ETF) have to be done as well.

When you are doing stock research (company research) you should consider what price and volume movement did your stock experience in the past two months, or three months, or six months, or YTD (year to date) and up to 10 years? Understanding price and volume movement is one of many concepts that will enable you to hold on to your equities (stocks or stock mutual funds), long term.

Some Tips of the Stock Research Company:

There are some some of the facts to look at to properly evaluate your stock to do your Stock Analysis?

  • Price to Earnings Ratio
  • Does the company have earnings?
  • Increasing revenues and profits yearly?
  • Stock split history?
  • Is the company paying dividends?
  • Future plans of the company
  • Past and Current news on the company?
  • Company graph of price and volume over time
    The company ranking in its industry

Five Steps of Market Research

Market Research can be divided in several separate steps.

  • First of all you have to get the basic knowledge about market, exchanges, stocks, indexes, ETF, shares, options, futures etc.
  • Second step of market research demands you to define a subject of research, your target. During this period you have to answer on the following questions: what type of trader you are and what you are trading.
  • On the third step of Market research you have to define relationships. If you are trading on the stock market, you should know to what industrial group ( ETF ) this stock belongs, on what exchange it is traded etc. Other words doing stock research you have to support it with according index and exchange researches too.
  • The forth step is one where you are collecting information such as historical price and volume, etc. Real time quotes of price and volume, real time charts are always the most important part of any type of market research ether it stock research, stock market option research, research index or trend research.
  • The last step demands you to analyze all data gathered during your market research and make conclusion either it prediction of trend movement or assessing real value of company ( stock ).